A Personal Branding Session | Crawford McWilliams Art

Personal Branding Session | Crawford McWilliams Art

Head Shot or Personal Branding Session: which one do you need…

Crawford McWilliams is an artist based in Orange Beach, Alabama. When Crawford first contacted me, she was interested in professional portraits and head shots with her artwork. The first thing I immediately think of when I hear head shot is a black or white backdrop, a lighting set up and the final product being a chest up photograph of an individual. While I feel like these images serve a purpose, I have never been a big fan. I feel like these images lack personality and they definitely lack a story. I feel like a personal branding session has much more to offer.

As I read Crawford’s email, my mind starting spinning! The images that I envisioned for her were far from a traditional head shot. They had character and color but most importantly they told her story. If Crawford’s website and social media lacked any words, the world would still understand who she is and what she does based off the images she displayed. They would also be cohesive across all mediums. 

What is Branding…

It’s your potential clients first impression of you. Branding helps your audience understand who you are and what you do. It helps them gain a idea of where you provide your service and who you provide it to. It makes you recognizable!

Branding is maintaining a cohesive look and image through-out all contact. It creates this aura of professionalism and reputability. 

Why you need a personal branding session…

Personal branding takes branding to the next level. Consumers of 2018 are more likely to buy from someone they are feel like they know. It creates a feeling of trust. Personal Branding is the key to earning the trust your need from your customers. It helps you connect to your clients. It gives them an understanding of who you are, not just as the owner of a company but as a person. 

A personal branding session provides you with a gallery of images that are branded to you and your business. Each session is well thought out and put together to portray the messages of who you are, what you do, where you do it and who you provide it to. It’s important to you that the images on your website, social media, and marketing materials reflect every detail of who you are as a person and a business. It is more than just a head shot.

The session…

A personal branding session from Jessica Smith Photography is customized to you and your business. We will have a consult meeting, over the phone but preferably over a cup a coffee. During the consult, I will get a better understanding of you as an individual, your business, what you do, how you work, and especially why you do what you do.

I will create a session plan. We want to be sure and capture even the small details, such as the tools you use to complete your job. We want to capture everything: paint palettes, paint tubes, oil sticks, and even the mineral spirits. I want to capture you doing your craft. 

When you receive your gallery, you will be armed with images for every scenario you would need an image for. The best part is that each image involves you and you doing your craft. It shows the client what your tools look like and what you look like using them. It creates a connection with people beyond the final product or service and allows them to get know your process and to get to know you. 

Meet Crawford…

Take a look into Crawford’s gallery. Get to know her and understand why she is so passionate about her craft. Thank you Crawford for allowing me to spend time getting to know you and capturing you with your passion. 

I would love to help you succeed! I want to help your business grow. Let’s personalize your brand!

Personal branding combines two things that I am crazy passionate about: photography and supporting others. I am a member of The Rising Tide Society  A community who believes in supporting each other with the motto of community over competition. Seeing others succeed makes my heart happy, helping others succeed is just the cherry on top!

Check out other branding sessions, as well as engagement sessions and weddings, on the blog.


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